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Wide range of house designs in and around Gloucester

Give your home a new look with our residential architecture designs at A C Design (UK) Ltd. We can tailor your designs and keep your specific requirements in mind, while completing the project. 
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The barn house in Churchdown

This dwelling is on the side of a hill on the edge of the Green Belt. The new property was built on the footprint of the existing barn and outbuildings which were demolished. Due to the difference in ground levels, the dwelling is on the third level but it is not more than two storeys high at any point. You can tell us what you are looking at and we will help you get that.
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Houses in Worcestershire

This project is actually a conversion. The original building was partly demolished and extended to create four houses, altering the building beyond all recognition. On a steeply sloping site, the houses are accessed at two levels, the lower ground floor which contains the kitchen and dining room and the upper ground floor which has bridged accesses to the main front doors leading to the living Rooms, with bedrooms on the floors above. We also provide residential architecture for flats and extensions, throughout the whole of Gloucester and surrounding areas. 
house rooftop chimney installation
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